first step - exercise!

A trim tummy - a great goal for 2017!

We all know that Type 2 diabetes is linked to weight.  Have you met anyone who was able to cut back on their medicines once they lost weight?


take care of your kids!

Keep the girls in your family free from cancer of the cervix, and your boys from cancers too.

Do you know about the vaccine that prevents these cancers?


Tame Bad Breath If You Have Diabetes      toothbrush and cup

Did you know that people who have diabetes may have bad breath? No one wants to be the person with mouth odor. So what can you do?


Two wine glasses clinkingCalories in Your Summer Drinks

Calories do count! So here are a few items to think about when you sip your next alcoholic drink.


Help Your Employees with Diabetes - 6 Easy TipsDo I have diabetes?

At times, we can all ignore our health concerns. So it comes as no surprise that your employees who have diabetes may do the same thing.

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