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Relax - we make it easy! How can we help you?

Your target audience

Sometimes, people want health information. For the most impact in reaching your target audience, you need clear, easy-to-understand messages. Working together, we'll get your message out, using proven methods in new ways.

Did it work?

Evaluation tools come in assorted shapes and sizes. We help you keep it simple and valid. You'll know whether your Wellness Program worked or not.

Our Corporate Services

Your work life just keeps getting better and better What do you need?  Are you just looking to make your staff aware of health problems, or do you need a return on your company's investment?    You can rest assured - we can help!


Raise awareness

Monthly Wellness Information Tables (at shift changes or lunch times). If you want to raise awareness of health concerns, we'll bring you monthly   table-top displays for each topic.

You get a display & handouts related to monthly health topics (breast cancer awareness month, heart month, stop drinking & drugged driving month, etc), manned by a Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist or Health Educator.


Programs with a Return on Investment (ROI)

If you want programs that pay for themselves — our programs will improve your employees' health, their morale, and your bottom line.

1. Lower Your Stress Now: You can offer this to your staff as either:

  • 1-hour long (Lunch & Learn or at shift changes) class
  • 2-hour long class
  • ½-day long class, or
  • a full day class (great for offsite trainings)

2. 8-week long programs for weight loss:

  • Weight loss classes (8 Pounds in 8 Weeks) or "Just Don't Wanna Lose Weight - a program for those who hate dieting"
  • Exercise options (Yoga, Fitness Boot Camps, Pilates, and many more choices)

3. A Heart Attack Risk Assessment: Designed by experts at the National Institutes for Health, this simple approach to assessing heart attack risk has changed a lot of employee health for the better.

4. Contests: Your employees will LOVE these challenges.  Each one uses teams and support to engage your staff and keep them motivated to stay healthy.

5. "Up in Smoke©" : Our quit smoking program has become Maryland's Gold Standard for quitting tobacco.  Your staff will LOVE this class, even though they need to change their behavior. You will love how many of your staff remain tobacco-free at 12-months, and your staff will love you for offering them the chance to quit.

6. "Just Don't Wanna" classes: You can choose from

  • "Just Don't Wanna Quit - a quit smoking program for people who don't want to change"


  • "Just Don't Wanna Exercise" - a seated exercise program that includes flexibility, strength training and even aerobic movements! Based on wheelchair programs, your staff will get movin'!

Wellness Programs or Disease Management

Ranging from basic prevention to total disease management, you have tons of options! If you're creating a program from scratch or considering a vendor review process, rely on our experience to help refine your efforts.


You get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - if you don't like the program, you don't have to pay for it!


To talk about your projects, or to learn more about us, contact us by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 410-399-2001. To register for any of the public programs, call 410-399-2001.


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